Wednesday, December 15, 2004

ok, the first one..

ok, so this is my first blog. *yey*

oh, u knw i love *firsts*, if you know what i mean. haha. =p
~ first teeth [cute! awww..]
~first smile [*grins*]
~first day of school [new faces..]
~first crush [*gulp* haha. childish stuff..=p
~first kiss [n/a]
~first boyfriend [n/a]
~first year [haha. kidding. ;p]
i dunno but there is really something in *firsts* that makes my heart skip a beat.

enough about the intro. hi, im claire diane. some call me kaye. but i prefer being called claire.
yeah guess that's it. i think it's better if i leave a mysterious air 'round here. [haha. as if!]
whatever. im lost.

till here, m sleepy na. we just had our exams and they are really pain in the ass. booo. they all suck. [except economics, of course] haha. WHATEVER. we still have a presentation tomorrow. weeeeeeÜ m excited. nah. actually, i'm not. not really. haha!=p i hope we wouldn't look lame. imagine, christmas balls hanging on our ears. yeah, we'll look stupid, i know. *turns red*

** ooops, i almost forgot. i still have to steal christmas balls from our christmas tree.. mom wouldn't know it anyway. haha. =p **